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The history of the smoke shop and headshop industry is interesting. Brick and mortar headshops (also commonly known as a smoke shop) have been around for decades. After the dawn of the internet, online shopping had become popularize, and many merchants took their goods to the digital web.


In 2003, Tommy Chong was arrested in a DEA led sting operation called Operation Pipe Dreams was designed to publicly set an example of the celebrity during the high of the war on drugs effort.

Since then, many online smoke shops had disappeared, fearful of an aggressive government's stance towards the war on drugs. However, smoke shops and headshops continue to prevail today - and dispensaries in states with more forward looking cannabis laws. As the social stigma and fear associated with online headshops subsists, a new wave of online retailers came to offer consumers everywhere a diverse and ever-expanding selection of the latest and greatest smoking accessories.

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